The total satisfaction of the customer at all levels is our main objective. Our Research and Development Department devotes most of the time to the establishment of production lines necessary for the calibers that are supported by our commercial strategy and our manufacturing team ensures perfection in manufacturing using stateof-the-art technology and respectingquality controls at every manufacturing process. 

AVCI is a prior branding name that isowned by MEDEF DEFENSE, however, the brand name VENOM is established through extensive work and is used to represent small caliber firearms production trademarks. VENOM is a product of comprehensive engineering, state-of-the-art technology, and broad know-how. For  the time being, Venom is produced in five calibers: 9mm* 19 mm, 9mm* 18 mm, 7.62* 51 mm, 7.62* 39 mm, 5.56* 45 mm.

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